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Fixed braces are widely accepted around the world as the most popular teeth-straightening solution. Fixed braces as the name suggests are fixed to the patient’s teeth by an orthodontist.

Fixed braces usually consist of square brackets that are cemented to each tooth. They also have a wire running through them to join the brackets together. The wire is used to maneuver the misaligned teeth into the correct position. The typical treatment time is approximately one to two years.

How do fixed braces work?

Fixed braces work through the wire gently moving the teeth over a period of time. The wire grips the bracket attached to your teeth to move them.

There are two common types of fixed brace: labial fixed braces and lingual fixed braces. Labial braces are those people are most familiar with and are bonded to the front surfaces of your teeth. Lingual braces, on the other hand, are bonded to the back of your teeth and are typically used when a patient wants a fixed brace system but doesn’t want it to be visible.

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Technology has advanced in orthodontics and metal braces are now smaller and more compact than ever before, making them more comfortable to wear as well. You can even jazz them up with some colour.

The tiny elastic bands used with each bracket to hold the wire in position come in a variety of colours.

You can change the colour at your adjustment appointments. If you prefer your brace to look more discreet, you can opt for either the silver or tooth coloured wires.

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